DAY 30 IN 40 DAYS OF PRAYER for revival !! Taylor holds burns like a furnace in prayer!

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From: Becky Tirabassi
To: Becky Tirabassi
Sent: Saturday, February 18, 2006 12:34 PM
Subject: DAY 30 IN 40 DAYS OF PRAYER for revival !! Taylor holds burns like a furnace in prayer!

There is a furnace of fire in the students at Taylor University. Prayer rises from the chapel—where students have prayed for decades. A handful of students from this year’s senior class made it their class project to revive the prayer chapel. Three chocolate brown walls contain the map of the world, the prayer requests of students, and the handmade incredibly beautiful art pieces of a student—depicting the heart cry of this revival generation. The front wall—crimson red—is framed in 3 original art pieces depicting our Savior’s cost—below them is a long, low wooden communion table skillfully handmade by one of the students…the newly laid wooden floor meets fresh laid carpet. Five suede ottomans on steel legs are available for kneeling or sitting, for journaling or reading the Word. A bookcase holds bibles, classic books on revival and prayer…special lighting allows the room to—day or night—retain an atmosphere of holy worship.

By the noon hour today, approximately forty students, members of the student body cabinet, many of the senior class who invested wee morning hours building the prayer room, as well as the President Emeritus of Taylor Univ. and his wife worshipped in prayer together.

What can I say? I see no end to this type of revival—prayer for the sick, confession of unconfessed sin, worship in praise, love for one another.

On one Saturday afternoon in the middle of America—the sincere and powerful prayers of students for revival on all college campuses were uttered. God hears and will answer.

May the fire of God in this and every prayer room never cease. May the furnaces within our own hearts burn brightly for the Lord Jesus Christ to come and reign on every campus—every campus—in America. When? Now! Why not? Why not today?

Be encouraged,


40 Days of Prayer Corporate Worship and Testimony Meeting will be held on February 28, 2006 at 6 pm PST at (none other than) the 40 Days of Purpose Church—Saddleback—in Lake Forest, Ca. off the 5 ( More details/maps to follow—and I’m hoping to web-cast the meeting for all to join—pray for some technical wonder to come my/our way!

For locals, the 40 Days of Prayer corporate meeting will begin promptly at 6 pm PST with worship (my favorite girl band), testimony and opportunity for more healing and prayer!! If you are a prayer room leader and would like to be a part of the service, please contact me. So far I’ve heard from students UCLA, UCSD, PLNU, Azusa, and Biola—of course, all students from all the schools are invited—and we also hope to have prayer stations in our “tent” of meeting!!!! (We literally will be in a tent on Saddleback’s campus)


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