DAY 31 IN 40 DAYS OF PRAYER for revival !! Taylor’s furnace burns even hotter as they pass the prayer torch to The Ohio State University!

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From: Becky Tirabassi
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Sent: Sunday, February 19, 2006 4:25 PM
Subject: DAY 31 IN 40 DAYS OF PRAYER for revival !! Taylor’s furnace burns even hotter as they pass the prayer torch to The Ohio State University!

In the midst of boarding another plane this morning, I received a quick report from the 48 hour prayer chapel at Taylor which caused me to wonder if their students might never stop prayingJ—all semester long! (What a wonderful thought!) By Saturday night, there was not even standing room available in the Taylor University chapel—and having been there earlier in the day, I am convinced that these students have prayed fervent, effective prayers and they will receive the answers sought!

As I headed from Indiana to The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, I had both a word of exhortation and a sense of expectation within me because…


Yesterday was my 22nd anniversary of praying “one hour” a day! On Feb. 18, 1984, at the Annual YFC Convention in Chicago that year, I was a 29 year old mother of a toddler and part-time campus staff member from Cleveland who heard God’s Holy Spirit convict me of my prayerless, passionless life in Christ. After a series of general sessions—all focusing on the life of a leader who prayed—I was humiliated. In the final workshop of the weekend, God’s Holy Spirit prompted to me to confess prayerlessness as sin in my life and to make a commitment in front of another person to spend no less than one hour a day in the Word and prayer from that day forward. I am the least likely person to sit still or be quiet, so this “decision” shocked everyone who knew me well.

Today, I am living proof that 22 years of consecutive one-hour-a-day in prayer will not only keep your heart on fire for God, but it will cause your inner life to burn like a furnace!

Yesterday’s One Year Bible Old Testament reading in Leviticus 6:12-13 gives instruction to the priests, “Meanwhile, the fire on the altar must be kept burning; it must never go out…Remember the fire must be kept burning on the altar at all times. It must never go out.”

To pray is to keep the fire burning on the altar of your heart and life!!! It is up to you and me to daily set aside time with God and to prepare our hearts to hear Him in prayer and through worship.

So if you struggle with sustaining a lifestyle of personal prayer, Andrew Murray gives us insight, “The devil’s greatest tool is to keep the believer from praying!” You are in a battle even and especially for your time with God. Don’t let the devil or laziness or anything keep you from your appointment with the King! Corrie Ten Boom (a holocaust survivor) said, “Make an appointment with the King and keep it—a man is powerful on his knees.”

Each day, when you spend time with God, you will become more humble, more like Him, a better listener to His voice, a more defensive warrior, a more alert believer, less selfish, more holy, a more powerful pray-er for others, and absolutely fired up to tell others of the God who loves them! And I promise…22 years later, you’ll not regret the loss of sleep, time with friends, or television that you missed in exchange for what you received in power and comfort or conviction from the Lord!!


So in speaking last night at the opening meeting for the LoveOSU House of Prayer, I felt compelled to call each man and woman to consider prayer—as a lifestyle—not just for a season of 40 days or for a semester.

As I told them of my experiences in praying with students who call themselves Christians, but are both prayerless and deeply involved in unholy passions (there is a connection), I reiterated my conviction, that unless we are people who have experienced and can sustain personal revival that is fueled by prayer, results in purity and holiness, and stirs us to fulfill our purpose—we are not yet ready to experience a corporate revival, much less sustain a great awakening!

Little did I know that 4 students from Asbury College were in the room! At meetings end, we found each other and from that moment our sights became set on the same end goal: continue to gather this generation and call them to personal revival—to be sold out to prayer, set apart in purity, and sent out with purpose.

We agreed that we should not wait too long…so we won’t! By tomorrow’s letter I hope to have details inviting you to a gathering of like-minded, fired up students who desire to fulfill their destiny of being a revival generation—who are willing to pay the cost of revival—to return to a life of simple obedience to their holy God who loves them.

Be encouraged,


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