DAY 34 IN 40 DAYS OF PRAYER for revival !! The Ohio State University continues in prayer for all campuses ALL WEEK LONG!

OSU Prayer Room Photos…

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From: Becky Tirabassi
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Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 6:28 PM
Subject: DAY 34 IN 40 DAYS OF PRAYER for revival !! The Ohio State University continues in prayer for all campuses ALL WEEK LONG!

I asked a young friend for an appointment yesterday—as a Christian she has struggled with sexual impurity. I am on a quest to find the answer to “Why do so many Christian college students repeatedly find themselves in the shameful, guilty places of recurring sin, if not thoroughly dominated by temptation?

In reading John Owen’s treatise (1656, 1658) later compiled into, “Sin and Temptation,” I found some incredibly relevant content that could preach very well today—and if it was, we’d all be simply more aware that sin never stops chasing us! And we’d wake up to the simple activities of guarding our hearts, hating evil, and moment-by-moment calling on the source of power Jesus gave to us, His Holy Spirit!

So far in almost 40 Days of Prayer for Revival, I am finding a sincere lack of understanding of the empowering person and role of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life. Wesley Duewel (former Pres. Of OMS), wrote much on prayer and the Holy Spirit. In his book, Ablaze for God, he writes, “To be filled with the Holy Spirit means to be saturated with the Spirit, overflowing with the Spirit, fully possessed by the Spirit, available to the Spirit, fully influenced by the Spirit, pervaded by the Spirit. For you to be Spirit-filled implies that the presence and power of God rests upon your person. He makes a decided difference in you; a new God-given dimension and a new transforming fullness in your life and leadership.”

Duewel includes the personal testimonies of George Fox, William Penn, John Bunyan, George Whitefield, John Wesley, Moody, Torrey and Finney who each gave testimony of the indwelling and continual power and person of the Holy Spirit in their lives—who gave them unction and anointing and power beyond their own ability. (I encourage you to read about each of their lives!)

I also encourage you to pray daily, asking the Holy Spirit to fill you up to overflowing with His power! Consider the very real connection between holiness and the Holy Spirit. J Oswald Sanders, author of Spiritual Leadership said, “We have as much of the Holy Spirit as we want!” (Examine your heart—do you want all…much, more of the Holy Spirit of the living God? If not, why not? If so, then ask for more of Him!)

Finally, Duewel quotes Oswald J. Smith, “I am perfectly confident that the man who does not spend hours alone with God will never know the anointing of the Holy Spirit.”

I contend that an increase of prayer in your life—in both prayer rooms and in the prayer “closet”—will result in more of God’s power and influence and presence in and upon you! People will notice Him “all over you!”

Today’s report from Allison at OSU’s 24/7 prayer house is short but sweet …

We’re still praying and I know the atmosphere is changing! “And it’s rising up all around…it’s the anthem of the Lord’s renown…” LET IT RISE!

Be encouraged,



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