DAY 38 IN 40 DAYS OF PRAYER for revival !! CSU Long Beach hands off to 48 Hours of Cal State Berkeley!

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From: Becky Tirabassi
To: Becky Tirabassi
Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2006 12:18 AM
Subject: DAY 38 IN 40 DAYS OF PRAYER for revival !! CSU Long Beach hands off to 48 Hours of Cal State Berkeley!

Oh my goodness! The hour leading up to the opening of the CSU Long Beach prayer room was so special. It is always my privilege and honor to witness/hear the heartfelt prayers of students as they cry out to God for a deeper burden of prayer for their fellow students and for a greater love for Him. I am enthralled by their passion for God in prayer—their words are so sincere, so personal, so authentic…

The Ohio State House of Prayer apparently sent a torch—because within a few minutes after 6 pm, there had to be well over 30 people in the Long Beach prayer room—most of whom were not signed up for the first hour, nor recognizable to the prayer team who had so prayerfully and strategically created/designed the prayer room for their campus!

Tonight felt like another “push through” in the heavenlies. In fact, Karla, the student who has been my “point person” mentioned that just this week a few “financial gifts” allowed them to print 6000 flyers and put them on cars and everywhere on campus—and to their surprise, they received many, many encouraging e-mails back re: the invitation to pray! They also were able to invite every Greek house through an inter-campus mail system…and the confirmations, invitations, and friendly responses were beyond their expectation. As well, for the past 3 weeks, their “prayer only” ministry team held outdoor worship meetings on the greens—and again they received a great response and were able to lead a number of people to Christ! This is BEYOND exciting—it is revival in its purest form: students loving others to Jesus through prayer!!! Woo hoo!

As I head to Berkeley in the next few hours, I look forward to returning there to pray with familiar faces and not only visit their 48 hour prayer room but visit the new Berkeley Prayer House! Can this get anymore exciting? God loves the prayers of His children! And He will answer them!

For 37 days I’ve put the names of those who need healing and restoration on every campus prayer wall and I am expecting to receive and give good “reports” very soon! Yes and Amen!!

For 72 more hours we will call on God to bring revival to our nation, to our campuses—and we won’t stop then or there! We’ll keep going until we see our prayers answered! Yes and Amen! (Days 38 and 39 Berkeley, Day 40 Taylor University…March 1 begins more prayer for revival!)


At the beginning of Day 40 on 2/28 at 6pm PST, anyone in Southern California who would like to meet for prayer and worship–to culminate all 40 Days of prayer for revival on college campuses as a community—is welcome to meet at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Ca. ( in Tent #2.


Please consider attending a meeting for all “praying” college students at Asbury College…

When: Saturday, March 11, 2006; 6 pm to 10 pm
Where: Hughes Auditorium, Asbury College.
Who: Anyone who has heard the call to prayer and personal revival!
Other Details: Transportation and housing on your own…

Be encouraged and stay fired up!



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