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From: Becky Tirabassi
To: Becky Tirabassi
Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 12:48 PM

I am absolutely convinced that for the past 40 Days, the prayers and cries of students for revival—960 hours of 24/48/72 hour and one week prayer rooms/houses on 23 campuses in 11 states—have been heard day and night by the living, loving God! And His response has been to answer those prayers with numerous physical healings, hundreds of emotional healings, and significant personal and campus-wide breakthroughs! But we all agree—there is much more revival prayer and breakthrough necessary!

By last night, Taylor University (one of the campuses closing out the 40th day of prayer) reported, “You should’ve seen the Prayer Chapel tonight. The entire entry way and porch were absolutely covered in shoes. And the Holy Spirit was there as usual. Sooo cool.”

Also last night, at the “Day 40” Southern California prayer meeting held at Saddleback Church, the testimonies, worship and prayers were moving and passionate YET the consensus was MORE! Students want MORE PRAYER: MORE 24 hour prayer rooms, MORE 24-7 prayer houses, semester long prayer rooms—whatever they can get! Students want to pray with each other—every size, shape, color, denomination—they don’t see differences…they have the heart of God for this nation: a lasting revival of believers and a sweeping awakening for the lost!!!

A personal testimony: This week, while revising a book I originally wrote over 15 years ago (Let Prayer Change Your Life), I came across the Fasting addendum I had added for a reprint of the book in the year 2000. In the chapter, I recounted my journey of praying and fasting for revival in America. I retold how, In 1995, Dr. Bill Bright called 2 million people to consider fasting for 40 Days for Revival in America before the year 2000. Until I re-read the account this week, I truly had forgotten that I not only fasted 80 days (non-consecutively) for revival in America before the year 2000…but I had written the following words in the “Fasting” addendum of the book, “While fasting, I always asked God to show me what my part in revival should be.”

I can’t exactly describe the surprise/shock I felt while reading my own words!! Up until this week, I could not exactly articulate “why” I returned to student ministry 2 years ago, or why I formed Burning Hearts—a student ministry—2 years ago…or even why I set out on 40 Days of Prayer on College Campuses for Revival in America on January 20, 2006. But when I read my own words—that I had prayed and fasted for revival for 80 Days during a four year period, beginning 10 years ago—I was not only reminded but excited that I had finally fulfilled “my part” in revival with students across America over the past 40 days!! (I do have a sense, though, that I’m not “done” quite yetJ!)

For the record, what I’ve seen and heard for the past 40 Days on college campuses has absolutely CONVINCED me that God’s heart is for revival and that He alone has uniquely given this generation His heart for revival and awakening. The students I have met have an unusual, bold spirit of prayer—they contain a passion that I’ve not seen in 30 years of ministry. They have a genuine hunger for more of God, and they are gaining a conviction that we must become the holy people of a holy God for His presence and power to fall on this nation!!!!!! The students I’ve been meeting are willing to repent…they understand confession as a non-negotiable component of revival! And they want to pray more—and so do I!! And God is doing unusual and amazing things in their lives, which is fueling this revival fire!

What’s next? Today (3/1) I head to Boston to “pass the prayer baton” to the Face Down 40 effort in prayer—a 40 Day House of prayer in Boston for revival on campuses across America (www.jhopboston.com)! When I return to California on 3/2, I will continue to meet with students—visiting prayer rooms at USC, ASU, UC Irvine…and wherever else there is call to come, as well as joining in CTN’s effort (www.campustransformation.com) in a semester long effort to pray for revival on college campuses!

On March 11 (Saturday evening at 6 pm), I will visit with students from Asbury College, issuing a “Burning Hearts” call to personal revival—to be sold out to prayer (committed to a daily appointment with the King), to be set apart in purity (being a holy people of the holy God we serve), and to be sent out with purpose (fulfilling your part in the Great Commission). It would be especially great if students in driving distance could make the trek to join us in Kentucky! (www.groundzeroac.com or http://www.asbury.edu) )—there is room for 1500!

Coming Soon: We’ve only just begun to pray, see, enjoy, and experience revival! In the coming weeks, I’ll put together a photo/journal of the 40 Days of Prayer for Revival and make it available through the Burning Hearts website (www.theburningheartcontract.com). Then on 4/5, the chapel talk I delivered at Azusa Pacific University in the fall of 2004—where I met some “fired up for revival” students (Darren, Theresa, Andrew, Chelsea…)—will air on Focus on the Family’s daily radio show.

For regular updates or for schools were I’ll be visiting, please visit the Burning Hearts website or call the office at 800-444-6189.

Be encouraged and stay fired up!




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