40 MORE DAYS of prayer IN BOSTON!

After 2 hours of really worshipful, wonderful prayer…at EXACTLY 9 pm EST/6 pm PST, Lou Engle (www.jhopboston.com) invited me to briefly bring a word at the “launch” meeting of Facedown40 – which is a call to all college students across America to come Harvard over their Spring break/in the next 40 days and fast and pray for revival on American universities. How fitting, how absolutely perfectly timed…that I could pass the 40daysof “prayer” torch from 23+ college campuses to their effort in prayer…it felt “complete” and powerful to do so. I prayed for those whom I’ve met along the First40 and prayed as well with the dedicated-to-revival students who were in the room and ready to take the charge/challenge to pray for revival! (FYI: a PLNU grad, who is helping Lou, was excited to hear that his alma mater had hosted a 24 hour prayer room!)

Of course, I think we all feel/know that every college campus can host one more 24 hour prayer room during this next 40 Days (or moreJ)…it takes lots prayer and very few people and resources to make it happen—so go for it, yes?

What’s next for me and Burning Hearts? On March 11 (Saturday evening at 6 pm), I will visit with students from Asbury College, issuing a “Burning Hearts” call to personal revival—to be sold out to prayer (committed to a daily appointment with the King), to be set apart in purity (being a holy people of the holy God we serve), and to be sent out with purpose (fulfilling your part in the Great Commission). It would be especially great if students in driving distance could make the trek to join us in Kentucky! (www.groundzeroac.com or http://www.asbury.edu) )—there is room for 1500!

Coming Soon: We’ve only just begun to pray, see, enjoy, and experience revival! In the coming weeks, I’ll put together a photo/journal of the 40 Days of Prayer for Revival and make it available through the Burning Hearts website (www.theburningheartcontract.com). Then on 4/5, the chapel talk I delivered at Azusa Pacific University in the fall of 2004—where I met some “fired up for revival” students (Darren, Theresa, Andrew, Chelsea…)—will air on Focus on the Family’s daily radio show.

For regular updates or for schools were I’ll be visiting, please visit the Burning Hearts website or call the office at 800-444-6189.

And yes, Chris, I’ll visit the ASU prayer room (he has called me no less than 10 timesJ)…

Be encouraged and stay fired up!




2 Responses to 40 MORE DAYS of prayer IN BOSTON!

  1. Lauren says:

    Wow! This is exciting stuff. I am a college student myself at a community college and it is incredible to see the hand of God among my peers. Have you heard of the Institute of Campus Revival and Awakening? It is a week long institute on America’s Great Awakenings at Yale in June. Here is the website if you want to check it out: http://www.collegiateimpact.com/institute Thanks for all of the great work!! Lauren~

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