The History:
In the fall of 2004, Becky Tirabassi stood before a standing-room-only crowd of college students. She looked at them and said, “Society gives you all the permission you need to live life on your terms. You don’t need any more permission. But here is what I believe God wants me to call you to—holiness and purity.
We believe this generation is poised to change the world in one of the biggest counter-culture movements ever seen. Students are desperate for authenticity and passion and they are accepting the call to possess Burning Hearts that are consumed with the challenge of living radical, adventurous, sold-out lives for the living, loving God.

In The Burning Heart Contract by Becky Tirabassi, she tells the story of the 1947 Fellowship of the Burning Heart, which began as a gathering of ordinary people who simply chose to surrender their lives to Christ. It included a young businessman by the name of Bill Bright who went on to found Campus Crusade for Christ—a ministry responsible for approximately 50 million commitments to Jesus. Richard Halverson later became the chaplain for the US Senate and Louis Evans pastored prominent and influential churches in Los Angeles and Washington, DC.
Becky has dusted off the 1947 Fellowship of the Burning Heart in a fresh way for this century. The call is simple and yet powerful enough to change lives, countries, and even the world. The three tenants to the Burning Heart Contract include:

Sold out to prayer…talking to God and listening to God.

Set apart in purity… living pure and holy lives with conviction and passion.

Sent out with purpose… willing to be an Ambassadors for the King to the ends of the Earth.

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